Pelican Water Softener Review – Which Is The Best?

What Are The Best Models? Here’s a List of The Top 5 Models:

1. Pelican NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener – Prices Starting At $1,345. Click Here For Reviews.

2. Pelican NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener with UV – Prices Starting At $1,849. Click Here For Reviews and Comparisons.

3. Pelican Premium Whole House Water Filter & Salt Free Softener – Prices Starting At $1,994. Click Here For Reviews.

4. Pelican Premium Whole House Water Filters and Salt Free Softener with UV – Prices Starting At $2,397. Click Here For Reviews.

5. Pelican Whole House Filter & Salt Softener. Models: PAC3 & PAC 6. Prices: $1,998 to $2,498. Click Here For Reviews.

Clear, clean water is essential to life.  Our bodies consist of 75% water so it stands to reason that we would want to consume water that is clean and good for us.  The best water to drink comes from fresh springs and mountain streams.

The water cycle naturally purifies our water on the whole planet by condensation, rain, water running down mountains and river beds, picking up minerals along the way, and seeps into the underground where it stays cool and clean.

However, these days our water supply is piped to our homes and tap water is filled with unacceptable levels of heavy metals, chlorine and toxic chemicals, which are added to our drinking water.

A water softener filters and breaks up these deposits, making the water healthier to drink, as well as easier to use for washing purposes.  Pelican Water Softeners use the latest technology of water treatment and provides the top water softening products on the market.

Common Questions and Answers:

Is Pelican a Quality Water Softener?

Pelican water softeners use the latest technology and are at the cutting edge of water softening products in the market and are of the highest quality, an example of why Pelican Water is a trusted name when it comes to water filtering and softening.  It is easy to choose Pelican because their Salt Free systems are green, without the use of harsh chemicals or salt that can harm the environment.

What Problems Do The Pelican Brand Have?

1.    When you want to have a Pelican installed, you will have to call in a plumber to do it professionally.
2.    You will need to have an electric outlet in close proximity to where the main water supply is located.
3.    As it removes minerals from water, it is not a good idea to drink too much softened water, but rather supplement with bottled water.

pelican What Are The Pros and Cons of The Pelican?

Pros are that hard minerals, for example iron, manganese, calcium and copper (to name just a few) deposit on skin during bathing or showering.  You can also see them on elements in kettles, coffee makers and water heaters.  When you drink the water, these mineral deposits accumulate internally.

As they are not the same type of minerals that are good for you in your diet as your body is unable to absorb them, a Pelican water system will filter and remove these deposits, making your water healthier for your body and save you money on buying new appliances.

The cons are that the water does not taste as good as hard water and the skin can feel too soft and slippery when washing and showering.

Soap lathers well, but not as well as with hard water.  Sometimes there are still water stains on shower doors.
It is necessary to use a rinsing agent in the dishwasher.

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Where Can I Buy One?

From salt-free softeners to whole house water filters and complete well water systems, you can get your system from Pelican Water.  Visit the factory-direct website to see the full range of Pelican water filters and water softeners and the latest Pelican NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener and Conditioner.

Who Can Install My Water Softener?

It is best to have your Pelican water system installed professionally by a plumber, however there are systems available that can be used without professional installation.

How Does Consumer Reports Rate The Pelican Brand?

At this time, Consumer Reports has not done a review on Pelican water systems.

What Kind of Warranty Do They Have?

Pelican has a number of warranties. Click Here for the full list.

Youtube Video: How To Install a Pelican Water Softener?

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Pelican Water Softener Review - Which Is The Best?
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Pelican Water Softener Review - Which Is The Best?
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