Reviewed: Which Brand Of Water Softener Should I Buy?

Updated 11-1-14. When it comes time to purchase a new water softener, most consumers are in the dark as to what they should do.

At first glance, it seems like an insurmountable task in making the decision as to which manufacturer and model is the best, but with a little research, it is possible to find a water softener that will meet your needs.

Many people will start out by researching Consumer Reports for water softener reviews, as this information is derived directly from consumers, as opposed to a manufactures recommendation.

Consumers will give a fairly accurate description of their experiences with a product, and Consumer Reports strives to get the most descriptive and accurate information possible about a product.

What Water Softener Does Consumer Reports Recommend?

According to Consumer Reports, the Pelican PSE 1800 Whole House Water Filter and Softener system is the top choice among consumers. This particular model is a standout among consumers because it is a two in one product. It will soften the water and filtrate it as well. It does not require any maintenance and is electric free, as it runs itself. There is a 90 day, 100% money back guarantee, and has a lifetime guarantee on valves and housing.

Which Culligan Water Softener Model Is The Best?

According to Consumers Digest, the Culligan High Efficiency water softener was cited as a “Best Buy” in August, of 2012. It was named with this recommendation due to its efficiency and low cost of operation.


So What Are The Top Brands? Here Are a List of The Best 8 Brands

1. Culligan – Click For Softener Ratings and Reviews

2. Pelican – Click For Softener Comparisons and Reviews

3. Kinetico – Click For Reviews

4. GE – Click Here For Reviews

5. Fleck – Click Here For Reviews

6. Kenmore – Click Here For Reviews

7. Morton – Click Here For Reviews

8. Whirlpool – Click Here For Reviews


Here Are Some Popular Questions and Answers:

How To Compare Water Softener Brands

When comparing the different brands of water softeners, it is important to first understand the different types of products. There are four basic types of models, Reverse Osmosis, Salt Based Water Softeners, Salt Free Water Softeners, and Magnetic water softeners. These are all recommended types of water softeners when they are used in the right setting and with the correct application. There are different costs and maintenance comparisons that can be factored in, and once again the best method of comparison is from consumer reviews that can be found from Consumer Reports and other consumer reporting agencies.

What Is The Highest Rated Water Softener For 2014?

According to “Water Softeners Compared,” The Pelican PSE 1800 is the best-rated water softener. Consumers are extremely satisfied with the product as it is reasonably priced, it has a lifetime guarantee for the tank and parts, there is absolutely no maintenance or backwashing required, there is no monthly cost or electricity required to run it, it is easily installed by the homeowner, it works on city or well water, it is easy to use and removes scale in the water.

How Does A Water Softener Get Rid Of Hard Water?

A Salt Based Water Softener – This method uses an ion exchange process, which means that hardness ions are replaced with non-hardness ions. Sodium ions, or salt ions are used as the exchange medium. Sodium ions are supplied from salt that is placed into the system, and then the system must be recharged and back flushed.

Salt Free Water Softener – This process allows for an internal medium structure that has calcium carbonate crystal structures on its surface. This in turn attracts any excess dissolved hardness elements in the water and removes it from the water. This causes the crystals that are attached to the media to become larger. The water movement within the system to be released into the water, which passes through the system of plumbing where the same function is performed as the media in the system itself, which acts as seed crystals and the process starts all over again, and the process perpetuates itself.

Reverse Osmosis – A semi permeable membrane where the flow of the water is reversed through it, bringing water of high salt content to a high purity form of water on the other side of the membrane. The process is driven by pressure. The undesirable molecules containing the high salinity is retained by the membrane, and are then washed away to the drain.

Magnetic Water Softeners-  These devices work by causing the various salts that ordinarily cause scale deposits to form, to stay in the water as precipitates in the form of small particles. It also reduces the concentrations of magnesium and calcium ions that soaps react to in the formation of scum. This type of water softener does not create a permanent solution, as the softness of the water only lasts for a limited time.

What Is The Best Salt Free Water Softener?

The best saltless water softener is the Pelican PSE 1800. More on saltless water softeners here.

Where Do I Find Water Softener Reviews?

The best water softener reviews can be found in “Consumer Reports,” “Consumer Digest,” and here at “Water Softener Pro.”

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