What Do Water Softeners Cost?

Hard water is a problem in many areas. If you live in such an area, you may have probably noticed how hard water affects your faucets, stains your sink and your cutlery and wears off your washing machines faster. The solution is simple and fairly inexpensive: install a water softener.

There is a wide range of water softeners in terms of price and capacity, therefore it shouldn’t be too hard to find the best one for you. Even if you can’t afford one for the entire household, you can, at least, install one for the kitchen.

This article aims to offer you a a starting point in your research, by giving you several water softener prices by brand and model.

Whirlpool Prices

The cheapest among Whirlpool water softeners is the 33,000-Grain WHES33. It is NSF certified to reduce hard water symptoms and it features 6th Sense technology. It costs $397 and it is best for households of 1-5 people.

For households with 1-5+ people, the WHES44 is more suitable. It has all the features of the previously described model and it costs $497.

If your household has 1-6+ people, you may need to buy the 48,000-Grain WHES48 model, which is $847. This one has lifetime limited warranty on resin media and tanks.

Krystal Pure Prices

The Krystal Pure range includes 3 models, the 36000 Grain, priced at $825, the 42000 Grain, priced at $1071, and the 50000 Grain, priced at $1265. All of them feature Duraex top line resin and are in fact four products in one: softener, monitor, iron and sediment.

prices Kenmore Prices

The Kenmore range includes four models: High-Efficiency, Ultra High-Efficiency, Extra High-Efficiency and Hybrid. The prices vary between $80 and $700, depending on the model and shop. If you look at Sears, you may even buy refurbished ones, which would be in the lower price range.

Culligan Prices

Culligan is another expert manufacturer of water softeners. They have about five various models, but they don’t show prices on their website. Nonetheless, if you want more details, you can make an appointment with one of their consultants. If you just want to make yourself an idea about the prices, you should know that the Culligan Gold Series costs about $2300-$2400. More on Culligan water softeners.

Kinetico and Ecowater are two other brands that made themselves a name and have an established reputation in the water treatments industry.

The Ecowater ERR 3500 water refining system with ERO 375 R/O costs $3400. If you go for the ERR 2500, it will cost you $700 less.

For the same range, the Kinetico K2040 Water Softener with dechlorinator and filter housing and 5MS 5 micron sediment filter will come up to a total of $3950. All the above mentioned prices include also the installation and the systems are comparable, therefore they can serve pretty much the same size of a household.  More on Kinetico here.

When choosing your system, it’s probably a good idea to look at the price for consumables as well. On long term, it matters.

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What Do Water Softeners Cost?
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What Do Water Softeners Cost?
Price comparisons for most major water softener brands.