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Water is considered “hard” when it contains a lot of minerals. This hard water can leave a lot of mineral deposits on your pipes, glassware, etc. You might also notice that soap or shampoo does not lather very well.

A water softening unit can get rid of these minerals so your pipes, dishes, and appliances can stay clean.

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Today’s home units mostly include micro processors for control. You can still find units without that control that function quite well though, and they may save you some money.

Some of these devices are only intended to filter minerals, but the more expensive models may be helpful if you would also like to filter out chemicals that get introduced into city water supplies.

Water Softener Reviews

There are other ways to rid water of these minerals, but these devices remain the most popular, effective, and cheapest way to get the job done. Consider some good ones that you can install in your own home. The right choice will depend upon your own needs, so a few different types are included in these reviews.

Watts RV PRO-1000 OR M7002 10000 Grains Portable

This is a great choice for an RV or camping. It is light, portable, easy to set up, and affordable at only a little more than $200. Even though it is fairly inexpensive and portable, it is also durable enough to use every day. Many people who life in their RVs full time rely upon this model.

This might be a good choice if you want to take your unit with you when you travel or move, or if you need to clear water other than your home system.

Abundant Flow Systems: Metered water softener

This is one of the most highly rated home models. It uses programmable controls and is very efficient. It also comes with a valve to by-pass the system in case you simply want to increase water pressure for some uses, and you do not care if it is hard water. The price is about $645.

Cal Technologies: Metered water softener

This system is popular, and one owner has had a similar model for 15 years with no problems. It is one thing to see what new owners think, but entirely different thing to see that an owner has been happy with a model and brand for well over a decade!

This is also controlled by an internal processor. The price is a moderate $590 for a whole house water system.

Aquasana EQ-1000 Whole House System

This is guaranteed for 10 years or a million gallons. As you saw above, you might expect a lifespan like that out of many models. This unit not only takes out minerals, but can also reduce chlorine and other chemicals coming into your home water supply.

This could be important if you have pets or even people in your home that are sensitive to chemicals, like chlorine, that are introduced into home water. For example, there are lots of reports that certain chemicals in city water have been making pet birds sick. If you believe the old adage about the “canary in the coal mine,” you might want to consider filtering out some of these chemicals.

This model is somewhat more expensive than most. It lists at almost $1,900, but it can be found on eCommerce sites discounted to about $1,250.

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water-softeners Water Softener Prices

Prices vary by size and function of these devices. Most of the models surveyed were pretty durable and functional, regardless of price. Consider purchasing a more expensive model for greater usage requirements.

Portable Models: About $200

Basic Home Models With Computerized Processors: In the $500 – $600 range.

Premium Home Models That Filter More Than Minerals: $1,300 plus

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Which Are The Best Water Softeners?

The devices listed are all rated very well. The best one will depend upon your own needs.

— If you want to use your device in an RV or move it around, a portable unit is ideal.

— If you just want to filter out minerals to reduce scale, one of the moderately priced units should be functional and durable for years.

— If you would prefer to have a until that also filters out chemicals, you might choose one of the top-of-the line models.


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