Frequently Asked Questions on Salt Free Water Softeners

Normal water softeners used for residential purposes add salt into the water which can lead to unwanted health problems. These problems are even more prevalent in people who suffer from cardiovascular disease and blood pressure problems. Salt free water softeners are a healthier alternative for the public.

What Are They?

Salt free systems work on removing and preventing buildups caused from hard water. This water corrodes and clogs up plumbing fixtures and appliances. The system works on conditioning water that is used throughout the home.

What Does Consumer Reports Say About Them?

There are four water softener types on the market which offer magnetic, reverse osmosis, Ion exchange and salt free. Various consumer reports online say the more preferred system are water softeners that are salt free. It uses no chemicals but instead has a filtration system which means no salt or potassium is required. Click here for reviews on popular brands.

Do Salt Free Systems Work?

These systems are actually better known to be a descaler. The descaler does not really work on softening the water. However, it keeps minerals from being deposited on the interior of the pipes and other appliances.

What Is The Difference Between Salt and Salt Free?

Water Softeners That Are Salt Based

These systems work on removing minerals from the water. The water will give off a more slick feeling and will prevent drying out of the skin.

Salt Free Water Softeners

These systems will work on creating a hardness of crystals, the crystals will not adhere to any surfaces. This results in a reduction of scale buildup over time. The salt free water softeners will leave minerals behind in the water.

saltfree Are Water Softeners By Sears Any Good?

The Sears water softeners are manufactured by Ecowater just like Northstar,, Whirlpool and Ge and they all share the same tanks and control valve systems. Sears claims to be service free up to five years. The prices and parts are generally quite expensive but are known to last for many years.

Are Salt-less Water Softeners a Scam?

The problem with various manufacturers of salt-less water softeners is there are rarely any valid studies that will back up the claims that they make about their products. The manufacturers cite installations of the products successfully. However, very few are able to provide detailed performances and data relating to flow and water hardness aspects.

What Will It Cost to Have a Plumber Install My Water Softener?

All types of water softeners and the filters that come along with the units will require a type of plumbing connection. Some of these systems will even require wiring. Many of the units come with instructions on how consumers can install the units on their own. However, with the expense relating to the unit it is always advisable to make use of a professional plumber for the installation process. Nationally the installation costs range between $137 to $620.

What Do Salt Free Softeners Cost Compared To Salt Water Softeners?

The salt free type are considerably cheaper to install and come with the advantage of virtually free maintenance aspects over the first couple of years. Salt water softeners will usually cost between $1200 and $4000 to install. Additionally these softeners will require regular services and maintenance.

What Is The Best and Cheapest Whole House Salt-free Water Softener?

The best brands that have been rated as the top five will include the following:

Culligan – the Ion exchange softener.  More on Culligan here.

Tapworks AD11 this is an reverse osmosis type of water softener

Kinetico 2020 an Ion exchange softener. More on Kinetico here.

Soo-Soft ( Digital water treatment system) is a water softener which is environmentally safe using a magnetic type of water system

Pelican PSE1800 – This water softener is a softener and filtration system

The Pelican water softener system so far has been rated as the most cost effective and popular option for water softener units today. The system prevents magnesium and calcium from forming scale caused from hard water. Additionally the system removes existing scale formation present in appliances and water pipes.

This will mean cleaner and safer pipes over a period of time. These two elements make the Pelican brand a more preferred choice for many consumers.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Salt Free Water Softeners
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Frequently Asked Questions on Salt Free Water Softeners
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