Review: Which Morton Water Softener Should I Buy?

Hard water is a problem in many households. It causes calcium and other minerals in the water and build up inside kitchen appliances, washing machines and pipes, thus shortening their life span and causing malfunctions. One of the most effective solutions to this problem is to install a water softener. Morton is one of the top brands of water softeners available. This article is going to answer a few questions about them.

Top Morton Models and Prices:

1. Morton 27,000 Grain Water Softener System. Price starts at: $499 (Uninstalled).

2. Morton MSD30D 30,000 Grain Water Softener. Price starts at: $1,407.71 (Uninstalled).

3. Morton M30 30,000 Grain Water Softener. Price starts at: $422.98 (Uninstalled).

4. Morton MSD34C 34,000 Grain System Saver Water Softener. Price starts at: $641 (Uninstalled).

Where Can I Buy a Water Softener By Morton?

They can be purchased at: Walmart, Home Depot, Menards, and You can also inquire from your local plummer. He would also be able to recommend the proper size water softener for your home.

morton What Are The Pros and Cons?

All water softeners use pretty much the same kind of resin, the difference being in the valve mechanism. This is where Morton has an advantage: their devices are very easy to setup and service. Programming is also very easy, all you need to do is to choose your water hardness and the regeneration time.

Another advantage of these softeners is that they only use 50% of the salt amount other brands use, so they are more cost-effective in operation.

If you have a very big house, you may need a softener with larger capacity than the ones from Morton, but that’s a drawback only in case of big families.

What Kind of Common Problems Do They Have?

There aren’t too many problems. Some units may be affected by the corrosion of the control board, but that’s very rare.

Do They Have a Lot of Complaints?

No, they don’t have too many complaints, most users being happy with their purchase.

Where Can I Buy Salt For My Morton Water Softener?

It is available in almost all home and garden stores, as well as online. You can find it is Sears, Lowes and Home Depot, to give you only three examples.

Who Can I Get To Install My Water Softener?

You can do it yourself, because the system is intuitive and easy to set up. However, if you don’t feel like doing it yourself, you can get any local plumber to help you.

Where Can I Find a Coupon Code For Morton Salt?

Coupons are available online, on special savings websites. You can find them, print them, then give them to the shop assistant in order to benefit from the discount. Go to and type in morton salt coupon code, and you will find one.

Where Can I Buy Parts?

You can find replacement parts from your Morton representative, as well as on various websites that sell water softener parts and consumables.

Where Can I Buy a Manual?

Such manuals are available online, so a simple search should lead you to the one you need. If you can’t find it, you can always contact a Morton representative. They must have all documentation for all their products, therefore they could be the most appropriate persons to help you.

Does Walmart Sell Them?

Yes, Walmart sells them. For more details, you can check out their website. It is possible that you save some money if you order your device online. It is also possible that you place your order online, then pick up the product from a Walmart store near you.

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Review: Which Morton Water Softener Should I Buy?
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Review: Which Morton Water Softener Should I Buy?
Review of top Morton water softener models.