Review: Which Kenmore Water Softener Is The Best?

Kenmore water softeners range from the low-cost Ultra soft water softener to the expensive 880-model softeners. The Ultra soft models are just right for smaller families and households with typical water hardness. In most models, the regeneration starts on demand. They also include a usage increase option. This allows you to increase capacity if you have guests or your water usage needs arise.

They are also modern computer controlled, and settings are adjusted during installation. Kenmore brand water softeners typically have a six-hour memory in case of a power failure. In addition they come with a one-year guarantee on parts and ten years on the actual tank.

The more expensive Kenmore models (For example: The modern Ultra soft 880) are more than capable of softening the water for large households with very hard or mineral rich water.

What Are The Top Models and Prices?

1. Kenmore 38420 Ultra High Efficiency Water Softener. Prices start at: $566.99 (uninstalled).

2. Kenmore 350 Series Water Softener. Prices start at: $569.99 (Uninstalled).

3. Kenmore 370 Series Water Softener. Prices start at:  $649.99 (Uninstalled).

4. Kenmore 38350 Extra High-Efficiency Water Softener. Prices start at:  $476.99 (Uninstalled).

5. Kenmore Elite 420 Series Water Softener. Prices start at:  $799.99 (Uninstalled).

6. Kenmore 300 Series Water Softener. Prices start at: $479.99 (Uninstalled).

Where Can I Buy One?

You can buy these at Sears, Sears Outlet. Many models can also be purchased at Kmart.

kenmore Are They Any Good?

All water softeners work on the same principals, in that they use a resin bed to filter water for hardness, PH, and minerals. Kenmore softeners also have a salt reserve that cleans the resin bed at specific intervals. Kenmore units are nicely designed to be compact. This is so that they use much less floor space. In general, this is a good model more modest sized homes. They are generally durable and quite capable of keeping a typical families water softened and useable.

What Are Some Common Problems?

In general, they are typically trouble free. However, Kenmore softeners are built by placing the resin tank above the brine tank (The brine tank is where dry salt is stored). So when moisture dissapates into the dry salt, the salt can solidify. This forms a hardened Salt Bridge. If the salt bridge is not routinely broken up, the water softeners regeneration process is impaired. This can also cause further damage to the water softener unit. This means regular attention and maintenance must paid to them.

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What Do Consumer Reports Say About Kenmore Systems?

Consumer reports give them a general ranking of fair, in terms of performance. The Kenmore line does receive good rankings in terms of price and ease of installation.

Who Do I Call to Have My Kenmore Softener System Repaired?

Professional Kenmore service and repair can be reached at 1-888-396-5295

Where Can I Find Parts For My Kenmore?

Parts and accessories for the Kenmore brand can be found online at:

Where Can I Find a Manual?

A manual should be included with your Kenmore upon delivery. If you need a manual you can call 1-888-396-5295 or visit

How Many Years Can I Expect a Sears Kenmore Water Softener To Last?

Kenmore users report that the their softener systems usually last around 10-years without much need for new parts or labor. These water softeners come with a 1 year limited warranty for both parts and labor and a 10 year limited tank warranty.

Review: Which Kenmore Water Softener Is The Best?
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Review: Which Kenmore Water Softener Is The Best?
Review of top Kenmore water softener models.