iSpring RCC7 Review

For those people who are looking for a great filtration system for their tap water, the iSpring RCC7 offers an under sink water filter that can easily be installed to provide you with the best drinking water. Each time you turn on your faucet the water will pass through the 5 micron sediment filter.


How Does the Filter Work?

The filter will trap particulate matter including rust, dirt, and silt, which can all affect the appearance and the taste of the water and potentially clog up your pipes and other areas of the water system in your home.

The next step is for the water to pass through a GAC filter, which will reduce the taste and odor of chlorine that is in the water. During this stage BTEX, mineral oil, PACs, halogenated substances, and phenol will all be removed from the water as well.

During the third stage of filtration a more dense carbon block filter will remove any other residual colors, CTOs, as well as some of the more difficult chemicals to remove such as chloramines. For extra effect, you may add on UV and AK. It is recommended to use a pump if the water pressure from the source is less than 45 psi.

The fourth stage of filtration provided by the iSpring RCC7 is important as it presses the water through an NSF certified reverse osmosis system. This is the same system that is used to create bottled water. The membrane is full of tiny holes that will remove lead, arsenic, chromium, copper, perchlorate, sodium, TDS, as well as many other water contaminants.

The final stage of filtration will polish the water as it leaves the storage tank and travels to the drinking faucet. A finer GAC filter is used for this finer stage of filtration.

Does It Come With a Warranty?

The iSpring RCC7 comes with a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

What Type of Support Is Provided?

There is an installation video available through YouTube as well as an extensive knowledge base available on the website. In addition, a direct customer service line is provided.

Pros and Cons Of The iSpring RCC7

Some of the benefits of using the iSpring RCC7 include:

• The under sink water filter cleans out all types of chemicals and minerals that are found in most standard tap water.
• Uses reverse osmosis to remove fluorine
• A booster pump can be added
• Uses five steps of filtration to provide users with the cleanest possible drinking water.

While there are many great things about this particular under sink water filter, there are a few negative aspects to consider as well.

• Installation can be complicated and will take a few hours for a novice. A contractor may complete the installation in a couple of hours.
• You will need a lot of room underneath your sink as the unit is quite large.


For those who are searching for a solution for their tap water issues, the iSpring RCC7 is a good choice. This is a great choice for people who use well water as it will help clean everything out of the water to make sure that it is safe for consumption.

For around $180, the under sink water filter will provide tap water that is clean and free of chemicals. It uses a reverse osmosis system that gets rid of all of the chemicals and minerals that can leave water tasting and smelling less than perfect. Overall, this unit is top of the line and should be considered by anyone who wants to ensure that their drinking water is safe at all times.


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iSpring RCC7 Review
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iSpring RCC7 Review
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