Step By Step: How To Install a Water Softener

It is a well-accepted truth that hard water is bad for your skin and bad for your health. There is an effective solution for this problem – you can have a water softener installed on your property.

However, the installation part of that equation is the part that many people have questions about. Below, you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about installing water softeners.

How Hard Is It To Install a Water Softener?

Much of the answer to this question has to do with what kind of connections the pipes in your house have. If you have screwed and flanged connections, then the difficulty level is moderate. However, if it becomes necessary to sweat any pipe joints, then the level of difficulty rises significantly.

What Does It Cost to Have a Water Softener Professionally Installed?

Of course, the cost can vary a great deal depending on the location and service provider, but the installation cost alone is between $400 to $700. This does not include the cost of the water softener.

What Kind of Plumbing Do I Need to Have Installed For My Water Softener To Work Properly?

First of all, you will need at least 10 inches of plumbing between your water heater and the water softener. This pipe needs to be, also, in an area where the temperature never goes below freezing. Additionally, make sure there is an available electrical outlet nearby.

What Will It Cost to Have The Necessary Supporting Plumbing Systems Installed?

This depends almost entirely on what kinds of upgrades need to be performed to your existing system. Call around to various plumbers until you find one that will conduct a free estimate and give you an idea of how much it will cost. That is the most expedient way to get a precise answer.

Can Lowes Install My Water Softener?

Lowes, just like most major water softener dealers, will certainly install your water softener for an additional fee when you purchase it from them.

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What Are The Precise Steps to Install a Water Softener Myself?

If you know that you have the requisite plumbing infrastructure in your home and you feel that you have the necessary plumbing skills to successfully complete the job, you can certainly attempt to complete the water softener installation on your own.

Here are the steps that you will need to follow:

Step 1 – Choose a water softening system and decide what location on your property it will be installed in.

Step 2 – Shut off the water to your home completely by using a curb key, and then drain all of the pipes that comprise your plumbing system by turning on faucets at both the highest point and the lowest point in your home.

Step 3 – Shut off the water heater valve, and also switch off the power to the water heater (if neccessary).

Step 4 – Install and connect the new water lines that are going to run to and from your new water softener.

Step 5 – Install a remote bypass system into the softener and out of it so that your water flow is not interrupted, but rather runs smoothly through the softener.

Step 6 – Take the ends of the pipes and apply flux to them, then connect the proper fittings.

Step 7 – Remove the barbed fitting that resides behind the control panel on your tank and then put Teflon tape on the threads.

Step 8 – Run the drain line all the way down to the drain, but make sure that you leave at least a four inch gap in between so you don’t get backflow.

Step 9 – Install the line through the brine tank.

Step 10 – Install a drain tube on the overflow valve on the brine tank.

Step 11 – Shut off the new bypass and inspect for leaks.

Step 12 – Add salt and finish up the installation by running the unit for two to three minutes to clear out old residue, and then setting the timer.

Hopefully, you now have all of the information necessary to make a well-informed decision about whether you want to install your new water softener yourself or hand the job over to a professional.

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Step By Step: How To Install a Water Softener
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Step By Step: How To Install a Water Softener
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