Brita 10-Cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher Review

britaWhen it comes to tap water there are several unfavorable things that can be found in it such as mercury, cadmium, and copper. The Brita Everyday water filter pitcher provides you with healthier, better tasting water. The filter will reduce any unfavorable odors and tastes from tap water and provide you with water that tastes much better. The pitcher holds up to 10 cups and provides an alternative to buying bottled water.


What Kind of Filter Does It Use?

The filter that is used in the water filter pitcher is an ion-exchange carbon resin filter that will reduce the undesirable odor and taste that is caused by chemical substances that are found in tap water. When it is time to replace the water filter an electronic indicator provides you with a reminder. When the light on the water filter pitcher is green it means that the filter is in good working order. When the light turns yellow, this means that you should change the filter soon. The light will turn red when you need to replace the filter. The filters will typically last the average user about two months.

The filter will reduce the taste and odor of chlorine that is found in most water that comes out of the tap. Additionally, the filter removes the taste of zinc, copper, cadmium, and mercury, which are commonly found in water from the tap.

What Comes in the Box?

When ordering the Brita Grand 10 cup water filter pitcher you will receive the pitcher with the lid and one water filter. The pitcher has a ten cup capacity and features a comfort grip handle. It is BPA free. The one filter that comes with the pitcher in the box can replace up to 300 standard sized 16.9 ounce bottles of water.

Pros and Cons

The Brita 10 cup Everyday water filter has many great features including:

• Easy to pour water into a glass using one hand
• Does not leak
• Handle is sturdy
• Good capacity
• Great size
• Quality filter
• Great design
• Several colors from which to choose
• Lasts a long time

While there are many positive aspects of this great water filter pitcher, there have been a few common complaints as well. Some of the cons of this water filtration pitcher include:

• Lid will fall off
• Filtering the water through can take a long time
• When pouring the water will splash out of the spout

What Does It Cost?

For a price of just over $25, the Brita 10 cup every day filter pitcher is a great choice for a family that is on a budget, but still wants to have clean, filtered water readily available. The pitcher offers a large capacity, which makes it perfect to keep in your refrigerator or on your counter at all times. Using the pitcher for fresh filtered water can save you money as there will no longer be a need to purchase water bottles.


Overall, the Brita 10 cup Everyday filter pitcher is the perfect choice for those who do not want to purchase a faucet mounted filter or other type of water filtering device. The pitcher is small enough to fit comfortably in most refrigerators and on countertops without compromising a lot of space. You can keep the pitcher filled constantly so that you always have fresh water to drink. While it takes a bit of time for the water to filter through the pitcher, if you plan for it, fresh water is available at all times.



Brita 10-Cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher Review
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Brita 10-Cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher Review
Review of the Brita 10-cup water filter. This is our top pitcher water filter recommendation.