Aquasana EQ-SS20 SimplySoft Salt-Free Water Softener

One of the issues that many homes face is hard water. Hard water can cause many issues within the home such as scale build up. This build up can cause damage to your pipes as well as your appliances. One of the best ways to combat this hard water problem is to install a water softener.


The Aquasana EQ-SS20 is a salt free water softener that uses an innovative technology to condition your water and offer protection for your pipes from becoming corroded without using additional sodium. The technology works by changing the ionic charge of the carbonate crystals in order to reduce their attraction to each other in the water. Altering the ionic charge will reduce the amount of clumping together of hard minerals, which can result in scale. In addition, the SLOW PHOS technology will act as a protective barrier within your plumbing to help protect the pipes from corrosion.

The SLOW PHOS technology is a natural way to condition water without the use of sodium.

How Big is the Aquasana EQ SS20?

The SS20 measures 14 by 5 by 23 inches. It weighs just over 13 pounds. The size is fairly compact and it will fit into most spaces that are available for this type of product including a large kitchen cabinet if required.

Will it Reduce Water Pressure?

When using the water softener the water pressure of the home should remain about the same. There may be a slight drop in water pressure, but most people do not notice any difference.

Does it Come with Installation Instructions?

Instructions for installation are included with the purchase of the water softener. In addition, there is mounting hardware provided with the EQ-SS20 when it arrives. Installation is not difficult and most people will be able to complete it themselves. All of the pieces that are needed for installation are included. There are YouTube videos available to help with installation for those who need them.

Pros and Cons

Some of the benefits of the Aquasana EQ-SS20 salt free softener include:

• Improves the overall quality of water in your home
• Easy to install
• Easy to use
• Reduces odors
• Made of high quality materials
• Extends the life of appliances
• Extends the life of your pipes
• No build up
• Great product for the price

Some of the negative aspects of the Aquasana EQ-SS20 include:

• If it is not installed properly it can leak and cause a mess
• Pressure main valve may need to be replaced if water pressure is too low
• Fittings are smaller than most homes pipes and an adjustment may need to be made for this


Anyone who is having difficulty with hard water should consider this salt free softener. It will greatly improve the quality of water in any home using an innovative technology that does not require salt. The maintenance for the softener is minimal, which makes it perfect for those who do not have a lot of time to deal with any issues. The filter candles should be changed once every six months and this process is very simple to complete.

This stand alone water softener can be used for naturally conditioning the water for your entire house. It can also be used as an upgrade to your whole house filtration system. The media will last for about six months with average use or for around 50,000 gallons. Once the media wears out, simple replace the filter candles and the softener will work just as well once again.


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Aquasana EQ-SS20 SimplySoft Salt-Free Water Softener Review
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Aquasana EQ-SS20 SimplySoft Salt-Free Water Softener Review
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